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Date of publication: May 12, 2022 at 16:38:36 am

This Friday, May 06, 2022 was held at the University of Cocody the opening ceremony of the COCODY FOOTBALL LEAGUE championship. For information, this championship is intended for the U23 category and will compete between the teams of honor division, D3 and training center of the commune of Cocody. It was initiated by Mr. Richmond MOH, president of the association “UN TERRAIN POUR TOUS” with the support of HOPE OF SPORTS FOUNDATION, directed by Mr. Christopher DOUAYELET.

During his speech, Mr. Mohamed-Lamine SANOGO representing Mr. MOH underlined the desire of the association "UN TERRAIN POUR TOUS" to work for the development of young people by offering them a window that allows them to exercise their talents. . For Mr. Jean-Samuel NASSIROU, president of the training centers, it was a question of inviting young people to get involved in this tournament for the chances of a successful football career. Finally the Sponsor of the Championship, the Honorable Yasmina OUEGNIN, Deputy of the Municipality of Cocody, said she was happy that the association "UN TERRAIN POUR TOUS" had chosen her and was ready to spare no effort in order to to allow young people from clubs participating in the COCODY FOOTBALL LEAGUE to take advantage of their qualities. She urged them to work to become stars just like their predecessors Didier DROGBA, Yaya TOURE, Ben Badi, etc...

Several artists, including the actor MAGNIFIK, brightened up the audience with their performance and gave a special connotation to this event. The clubs taking part in this first edition were able to benefit from food and non-food donations from the Godmother who then proceeded to the symbolic kick-off of the first meeting of the championship. This meeting pitted the LYS team from the Riviera against that of Deux-Plateaux FC which saw the victory of the LYS team by the score of 1 to 0. Note also that the tournament ambassador is not other than the beautiful Esther UHA, presenter at LIFE TV.

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