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Policy of use

The original language of this document is French, in case of interpretation conflict in the translation of any other language, French version will prevail from any other translation.

We invite you to read carefully the conditions of use to participate, with FOOTINTER SARL and as member to the development of a responsible internet for a quality service. By becoming member, you are engage to respect the conditions of use. If you don’t accept these conditions of use, don’t register to the services and use them. The registration to one or several services and the use of those services as well require the full and entire acceptance of the present conditions of use by the member. By clicking on register, you certify to have read and accepted the general usage conditions of the site located at the bottom of the registration page, the member acknowledge to be fully informed and engage by all measures of the conditions of use. Any particular condition concerning a promotional operation would be validate by the member at the time of subscription.

The conditions of use are property of the company using the site Therefore and without any restriction of this list, any diffusion, exploitation, representation, reproduction or using, fully or partially, on any support, of the general conditions of use for some others issues except personally and non-professionals is firstly submitted to the society. If the permission is not available, the offender is expose to incrimination, judicial and civil proceeding provided by the law.

Article 1. Objet

The present conditions of use regulate our relationship with net surfers and any other person interacting with FOOTINTER SARL accessible on internet by While using or accessing the services of FOOTINTER SARL you accept the present declaration, which is likely to be updated in case of need.

Article 2. Définitions

In the present general conditions of use, some terms used will stand for:

“” designate the information e-mail of FOOTINTER SARL

“Platform” designate the website

“Service(s) Footinter refers to all the services available and accessible by the members of the

“My account” indicate the management of the account created by the user

“Member(s)” indicate one (or the whole) user(s) for one or many services and who took out or not Footinter subscription.

"Subscription" indicate a forfeit or a paying option giving access to the paying services at will for a limited period.

"Paying(s) services(s)" indicate the whole of the services paying accessible to the members of the site

"Company using the website" indicate the Society of Limited Responsibility (SARL FOOTINTER or SARL FOOT-INTER)

"Option" indicate a paying service available on the site

"Generals conditions of use" designate the present contract.

"Information’s", indicate the information concerning you, in particular the net surfer’s actions which interact with the website

"Content", designate all the elements published, sent or shared through FOOTINTER the services by the user.

"Data "or “data of people” or “data staff”, indicate all the data’s including the content or information’s of any user registered on the website exploiting by SARL FOOTINTER.

" To use " or " Use ", we mean the use, execution, copy, diffusion or public posting, distribution, modification, translation and creation of derived works.

"Registered" indicate everyone or member registered on the site.

ARTICLE 3. Procedure and accessing conditions and to services registrations

The member guarantees that data’s communicated are true and complies with reality. He is committed to undertake himself all the modification inside his personal space on the site. When the conditions necessary for registration are met, each member has one login (name indicated by the member) and one password, which are strictly personal and confidential and should not be communicated or shared by the member to an outsider.

Only in case of mistake or technical fault of or form the services, the member will be responsible of the use of identification elements by an outsider or actions or declarations done through the personal account of the member, fraudulent or not and guarantee FOOTINTER against any demand to this title.

3.1. General conditions of accessing and free registration

The equipment’s (computers, software’s, telecommunication means, etc…) permitting the access to the services are exclusively in the charge of the member, and the communication fees inferred by their use as well.

The registration is free, it permit to discover the services and enable to have access to the functionalities of the site.
To register, any person interested by the services must have contractual capacity, have read and accepted the present conditions of use, and any other document proposed by FOOTINTER, have filled all the obligatory field appearing in the registration form, either the field concerning personal information.
The member has the possibility to complete his profile by providing information about his historic and any other personal information that the member want a public diffusion with the others members. Those information can be modified at any time by the member in the section.
«My account ».

3.2. Conditions of a paying subscription

The member has the possibility to a paying subscription if he wants to receive more functionalities.
To benefit from a paying subscription and all the functionalities of the site, the member must beforehand identify himself through his login and his password.

Article 4. Utilization

Once registered, and subject to have subscribed if necessary to the formulas of subscription which are proposed to him, the member will profit from an access to the services available.

4.1. Obligations of FOOTINTER SARL.

The object of the services is not the council nor broking to the conclusion of a contract between football players.
You must not either publish an identification document nor financial confidential information about other people on the site.

4.2. Obligation of the member

The provisions of this article apply without prejudice to the article” cancellation” Within the framework of the use of the services, the member is committed to be respectful to the laws in force, to respect the right of others people and the conditions of use. The member has in general as obligation:

- To behave loyally toward FOOTINTER and his members.
- Respect the right of intellectual proprieties relative to the content provide by the society exploiting the website and by others members.

The member has as fundamental obligation to:
- Not use the services to illegal ends.
- Stop himself from comment or content going against the right of other people or defamatory nature, insulting, obscene, offensive, violent, or tending to violence or terrorism, politic, racism, or xenophobia, or in general any comment in contrary with the object of the services, laws and regulations in force, rights of persons or moral standards.
- Not post, indicate, either diffuse, under whatever form its comes to, information’s or content tending to reduce, disrupt, prevent the normal utilization of services, interrupt and/or slow down the normal circulation of communications between members through services such as software’s, virus, logical bombs, massive message sending, etc. the FOOTINTER SARL reserve the right to delete messages massively sent by a member in order to preserve the quality of normal utilization of services with others members.
- Not post, indicate, either diffuse under whatever form its comes to, information’s or contents including the others sites links which could have an illegal issue, in contrary to good standards and/or not in compliance to the object of services.
- Use his password and/or member’s name according to their strict authentication finality to services. In this respect, the member’s must not without a restrictive aspect of this list communicate, diffuse, share, make accessible, in whatever way it comes to, his passwords and/or username to other people.- Utilization of services according to the finality describe in the conditions of use.

4.3. Other people right protection.

- We respect other people rights and you are ask to do so:
- You will not publish the content and you will not initiate anything that could infringe other people rights or otherwise the law.
- We can remove the content or information you publish on the site if we judge they infringe the present declaration of our regulations.
- You will not use our commercial brand, the protected contents by copyright or other brand that can cause confusion except the cases expressly authorized by our utilization rules of marks or after receiving written authorization from us.
- If you collect information of the net surfers, you will obtain their agreement and you will present in a clear way that it is you who collect this information, (not FOOTINTER), and you will publish your policy of respect of the life by indicating information collected and the use done with.

Article 5. Sharing content and information

Once the data recorded on the platform of the site, they become proprieties of FOOTINTER. Thereby, FOOTINTER give himself the right to use data by his own account. Your contents will be seen and will be comment by others net surfers. However, you will be able to modify your contents and your information has the opportunity.
The subscriber or the member is committed to grant permission to FOOTINTER, to use in exclusive way photos, videos or other information. This permission does not give royalty and will permit to FOOTINTER to yield all its rights on the aforementioned information.
The suppression of the contents or information by the member is possible. Thereby, regarding the applicable regulation of copies will be keep for a moment.
When you publish a content or information, it means that you enable everybody to have access to these information’s and use them, but also associate them to you (that is to say your profile picture and name). FOOTINTER disclaim all responsibility of the use of information’s published on the site by other users

Article 6. Securitys

6.1 General information

We are doing our best to make FOOTINTER a reliable service, but we cannot ensure absolute security and authenticity of subscriber’s declarations. To ensure security on the site, we need your help, which include following commitments from you:

- You will not download virus or other malicious codes
- You will not ask connection information’s and not accede to an account pertaining to someone else
- You will not intimidate and not harass others people
- You will not publish contents tending to hatred or violence, pornographic, or containing nakedness or free violence
- You will not use the site to illegal issues, malicious or discriminatory.
-you will not act such way that can deactivate, overload or otherwise prevent the good functioning or the site appearance.
- You will not permit and encourage infractions to these general conditions.

6.2. Registration and security of the accounts

Persons using FOOTINTER must give their true names and true information concerning them. For that purpose, this list is not exhaustive, the following regulations will be taken:

- Not provide false personal information on the site.
- Not create an account for others people without authorization.
- Only create one account.
- Not use your journal mainly for commercial ends.
- Your addresses should always be true and updated.
- Never allow person access your account.
If you select a user name or identifier similar for your account, or you page, we reserve the right to withdraw it if necessary (for example, when the holder of a brand denounces an improper use of this name).

6.3. Hypertext link

All site having a hypertext link with the site are not under FOOTINTER’s control which disclaim all responsibility about the content. The user is responsible of their use.

Article 7: payment

By carrying out a payment on FOOTINTER, you accept our payment conditions, except when it is mentioned that other similar conditions apply.

Article 8: About advertisement and others commercial contents diffused or improved by FOOTINTER.

We propose curriculum vitae of football player, and other commercial contents or sponsored, in an advantageous way for the subscribers and advertisers. To help us achieve these goal you accept these following conditions:
You enable us to use your name, profile picture, contents and information in the frame of commercial content, sponsored or associated (for example, a brand that you love) that we diffuse or improve. This involve for example that you enable a company or other entity to pay us to post your name and/ or profile picture with your content or information, without any compensation. If you have selected a particular audience for your content or information, we respect your choice at the time of their use.

Article 8.1. Special clause applicable to announcers

Your publicity or another activity or commercial content or sponsored placed on the site or our network of publication will have to be in conformity with our advertising rules.

Article 9: termination from FOOTINTER’s initiative

If you infringe the letter or the spirit of this declaration, or differently create a risk of continuations in our opposition,
We can stop to provide you all or part the services. We will inform you at the time of your next connection on your account.
You can also remove your account or disable your application at any time.

Article 10. Life and members data protection

10.1. General information

The present confidentiality politic is applicable to services provided by FOOTINTER
The terms << we >> and <> brings, according to the definitions of condition in force and the functioning of services.
We enforce the most strict standards concerning protection of privacy and of personal data and we addressed a notification to authority of the Ivory Coast in charge of the data protection in personal matter. Our engineering teams make all their possible to guarantee the security of our sites. Security on internet is a complex question and no system can be regarded as perfectly sure. If a security breach appears, we will endeavor to act as soon as possible to fix the problem. In order to improve the level of protection of your personal data’s which are not under FOOTINTER SARL control, we suggest to use the software system protection of transmission networks of data’s (such as antivirus system, firewall and antispam filters updated).
Online payments are secure by the protocol HTTPS to ensure the assessment of data’s during their transmission and treatment in the bank.

10.2. When and why do we collect information’s about you ?

We must provide information concerning you when you are registered to profit from the service, participate at a competition, answer an investigation, participate to discussion, buy a subscription or send us a message from the contact page. Some information element are obligatory to accede the service. The obligatory nature of each answer will be precise by each question, by an asterisk or something else.
We have the possibility to keep your data’s if you type on our internet site even if you don’t complete your registration.

10.3. What kind of information’s do we collect ?

The personal data’s that we collect can include your name, postal address and email, your home and mobile phone, banking information, information about your physical appearance, photographs, vocal recordings, videos, your city and region, your use of the services.

Article 11. Intellectual property

11.1 content diffused by FOOTINTER SARL

The brands, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, and the text containing on the site and services are propriety of SAR LFOOTIINTER and cannot be reproduced, used or represented without express authorization by FOOTINTER SARL or by his partners can result by penal proceedings.
The right of use conceded by FOOTINTER SARL with the members are booked a private use and to staff within the framework duration of registration to the services. Any other use of the services by a member is prohibited.
The member in particular avoids modifying, copy, reproduce, download, diffuse, transmit, commercially exploit and/or distribute the services in some way that they are the pages of the sites, or computing codes of element containing services and sites.

11.2 content diffused by the members

The member concedes at FOOTINTER SARL a license of use of the intellectual property laws attached to the contents provided by the member within the framework of the services use. This license comprise the right for FOOTINTER SARL to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, digitize, use for services ends or under license the content concerning the member (information, images, description, research criteria, etc.) to all or part of services (on the sites, by e-mail) and/or in the mailing of FOOTINTER SARL and in general on all the electronic communication supports (e-mail, SMS, MMS, internet) in the frame of services.
The member authorizes FOOTINTER to modify the aforementioned contents in order to respect the graphic charter of services or the supports of communications aimed above and/ or to make them compatible with his technical performances or the format of support concerned. These right conceded in the whole world and for execution time of the conditions of use between the member and the society FOOTINTER

Article 12. Responsibility and warranty

12.1. Sites functioning and services

FOOTINTER does not guarantee that services are usable if the internet access provider of the member is failing in the achievement his own services. In the same way, if necessary the use of the applications for smartphones subscribed by the member directly near the supplier of the application supposes that this last has a smartphone and satisfactory connection.
Under these conditions, FOOTINTER is not responsible for a failure of an impossibility of access, or bad attributable conditions of use of the sites to equipment not adapted, with internal dysfunctions with the access provider of the member, at the obstruction of internet network, and for all external reason having the nature of a circumstances outside control as defined by Ivorian jurisdictions.
The exploitation of services could be temporarily stopped due to maintenance, of update or techniques improvement, or to make some evolve the content and/ or their presentation. As far as possible, FOOTINTER SARL will inform its members prior to an update or maintenance action.

12.2. Information’s and content provided by members

12.2.1. furnished information by member, exact and in conformity with reality. The consequences of their disclosure are responsibility for the member concerned. The member takes initiative to reveal and diffuse via the services of information, data, texts, contents and images relating it. Consequently it gives up any recourse against FOOTINTER SARL in particular on the base of possible attack to his right of image, its honor and reputation, with the intimacy of its private life resulting with the diffusion or divulgation of the information disclosure relating to it.
12.2.2. FOOTINTER SARL cannot be consider as responsible of (and for consequences of) the exactitude or inexactitude of information’s or contents provided by others members visitors of the sites and/ or the member himself.
12.2.3. In the case where FOOTINTER’s responsibility is required because of any misbehavior of a member about the obligations imposed to him to the terms of the law or usage conditions, the latter is committed to guarantee against any sentence pronounced contrary to FOOTINTER because of the member’s mistake.

Article 13. Convention between the member and FOOTINTER

These conditions of use constitute a contract governing the relations between FOOTINTER and the member. It cancel and replaces all the former provisions not expressly aimed or annexed and constitute entirety of the rights and obligations of FOOTINTER and the member relative has their object.
If one or more stipulation of the conditions of use were declared worthless pursuant to a law, of a regulation or following the definite decision of a court of jurisdiction, the other stipulations will keep all their forces and their range, in measurement permitted by the aforementioned decision. In addition, the fact for part of not prevailing itself in the future of such a failure of the other part to any of the provision of the conditions of use could not be interpreted like a renunciation of its share to be prevailed in the future of such a failure.

Article 14. Modification of the services or conditions of use

FOOTINTER will be able at any time to modify the conditions of use. The member will be informed of these modifications as of their setting online on the sites. The modifications will come into force as of their setting online on the sites. For the members registered subsequently to the setting online of the modifications on the sites this one theirs will be immediately applicable because they will be accepted expressly while becoming members.
Then the members are invited to consult the version constantly online on the site.

Article 15. Applicable right- litigation

The conditions of use are controls, interpreted and applied in accordance with the right of IVORY COAST, the language of interpretation being French.
In the event of dispute of a term or a provision of conditions of use, the member can contact FOOTINTER by mail through while taking the precaution to show his personal identifiers.
Any litigation born of the interpretation or execution of these conditions which would not have been regulated by amicable agreement in the 45 days of its supervening will be sliced by the court commercial of Abidjan.

Article 16. Final clause

By using or accessing FOOTINTER services, you enable us to collect and use the contents of information shared pursuant to our data usage politic, which can be updated at the occasion.
To access the declaration of right and responsibilities in other languages, change the language in which FOOTINTER is posted, by clicking on the corresponding link (show the place). If the declaration of right and responsibilities is not available in the language you have selected, French version will be showed.

Date of last update : 12/06/2016