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Astuteness of the day: Resumption of the sport after an interruption

Date of publication: May 08, 2018 at 08:32:03 pm

You stopped the sport because of an injury, lack of time or because of pregnancy? And you want to get back to it? Do not panic ! As summer approaches, you can wear your sneakers if you follow certain rules to avoid being cut off. Two sports coaches and a sports doctor give their advice to resume the sport safely.

Even the most addicted to sports are sometimes forced to take breaks. Convalescence after an injury, put on stand-by during a pregnancy ... whatever the reason for which you had to stop playing sport for a while, it is necessary that the recovery is done gradually, following the rhythm of the 'organization.

Carole Maître, gynecologist and doctor at the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP), explains: "When we stop sport, muscle mass, bone density and oxygen consumption decrease. When we start again, we are less efficient and we run out of steam more quickly. Therefore, if a too intense effort solicits the body, which is no longer used, they are pain, body aches, or even a breakdown guaranteed.

For each situation, our expert advice

Stop for lack of time, no medical reason
Insist even more on the warm up. He often goes to the trap. Yet, it is twice as important when our body is not used to the sport. The sensations felt will serve as an indicator. Not to mention that "the more you warm up, the less aches you get the next day," says Romain Moreau, a sports coach in Paris.


Think of progressivity rather than intensity. Good things come to those who wait for ! If you want to go running, "better to just sit for a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes the first weeks and then increase the duration of the effort by spending thirty minutes," advises the coach . Do not hesitate to start with quick walks rather than running. During the time you stopped playing, your tendon weakened: remember that it takes a good week to recover from an effort.

Watch your body aches. It is customary to say that aches and pains attest to the effectiveness of a session. If it is normal that your body is sensitive after an effort, aches should not be too painful. If this is the case, "it means that the aches and pains have created an edema that is too big in the muscles and that the session was too brutal". How long to wait before the next session? Until they are gone. "You can also resume working areas that are not sensitive," suggests the coach.

Stopping after an injury
The rule of non-pain. "At the least pain, stop! "Says Romain Moreau. After a break, you have to rehabilitate the body and the joints. If after fifteen minutes of running, your ankle or your heel are painful, just this quarter of an hour of recovery and renew the effort two days later. For indoor fitness, adapt the exercise to your physical condition: "Lift lighter loads or reduce the number of repetitions if necessary," adds the coach.

Bet on the cladding. The immobilization caused by an injury leads to less stress on the postural muscles. Problem: They are the ones who allow us to stand up. Reinforcing them is therefore essential. "Whether we lift weights or bend down, the more the lap belt is sheathed, the less likely we will be injured during the exercises," says the coach. Pilates is ideal for strengthening the abdominals and back. Whatever the reason you stopped playing sports for a while, remember that sheathing is fundamental.

Never resume the sport by an activity that we do not know! The risk of injury is greater because you do not master the technique or the postures to adopt to perform the movement without injury. "Privilege individual classes for group classes. We benefit from all the attention of the teacher and we do not risk making bad movements, "adds Romain Moreau.


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