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Date of publication: September 15, 2021 at 16:02:36 am



On the occasion of the 2021 edition of the Ben Badi Caravane Foot (BBCF) organized by the former Ivorian international footballer Abdoulaye TRAORE, FOOTINTER and the BBCF have decided to join forces for the success of this event.


Wednesday, September 15, 2021 marks a turning point in the smooth running of the 2021 edition of the Ben Badi Caravane Foot (BBCF). Indeed, FOOTINTER and the BBCF have agreed to sign a partnership to join forces for the success of this event.

As a reminder, the Ben Badi Caravane Foot is a talent detection tournament for young footballers under the age of 20 (U20). This caravan, which plans to travel through ten (10) towns in the Ivory Coast, has already completed the stages of Dimbokro and Gagnoa. The young people selected during these different stages will meet in Abidjan for the apotheosis and the final selections which will identify the best talents and offer them the chance to become professional footballers.


In view of the subject of the BBCF and the importance of this activity in the development of local football, it was essential for the leaders of the BBCF with at their head the ex-international footballer Abdoulaye TRAORE said Ben Badi of s '' associate with the FOOTINTER platform ( to guarantee better visibility of the BBCF's activities. It was also an opportunity for the head of the BBCF to visit the premises of FOOTINTER in order to soak up the technological capacity of this innovative platform. Ben Badi said he was happy and satisfied with the professionalism of the platform's agents, to whom he sent his congratulations.

Note also that FOOTINTER is a web platform whose purpose is to promote amateur football mainly training centers. There are games and competitions, web shows in which people are invited to participate and sports news articles.


At the end of the signing of this partnership, the managers of the BBCF and FOOTINTER discussed the potential future perspectives and the possibility of extending this partnership to other activities or even other structures that are also working on football promotion.

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