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Date of publication: July 05, 2022 at 17:51:51 am

The inaugural gala match of the Koumassi International Football Tournament (TIFK 2022) between the team of local professionals and that of the DIAMBARS Training Center in Koumassi was held on Saturday July 02, 2022 at the INCH'ALLAH field in Koumassi.

The INCH'ALLAH field was this Saturday, July 02, 2022 the framework for the expression of many football talents in the municipality of Koumassi. Indeed, the match announcing the start of the International Football Tournament of Koumassi (TIFK) was held there, a match which this year opposed the team of local professionals to that of the DIAMBRAS football training center of Koumassi of Coach Lamine CISSE, main organizer of TIFK.

During this match which saw the participation of big stars such as Titi Koné, African Freestyle Champion and Member of LYS de Sassandra, we were able to appreciate the many talents who were present. Many football personalities did not want to be counted the event like Mr. Mamadou DIA, President of the the LYS of Sassandra and Mr. Hussein EL SAHELI, Godfather of the ceremony. They encouraged the organizers to continue in their momentum and affirmed their commitment to work and support this kind of activity which makes it possible to highlight the future stars of Ivorian football.

For the main organizer, Mr. Lamine CISSE, Manager of the DIAMBRAS football training center in Koumassi, this match is only one stage of the great event that is the Koumassi International Football Tournament (TIFK) and did not hesitate to invite the whole population and sports enthusiasts to take part in it for the promotion of youth.

For information, the match ended in a victory for Diambars over the local professionals by a score of 1 goal to zero.

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