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Article of the day: asmine Timité, the new darling of Ivorian women's soccer

Date of publication: November 10, 2022 at 09:47:57 pm

Real star in the making of the Ivorian webosphere, Miss Yasmine Timité, an athlete by profession, does not leave anyone indifferent to her career. Taking care of her media outings, our U17 pro is looking to export her talent outside the Ebrié lagoon. Having at heart to represent Côte d'Ivoire, her country of origin through continental and international competitions, the midfielder hopes to win titles.  

The FC Inter band

    Midfielder of formation, from the top of his sixteen (16) years, Yasmine Timité evolves since 6 years in the soccer. Starting 6 years ago in a training center, she managed to create excitement around her person through its particular communication on social networks. Indeed, on her Facebook page created on October 25, 2022, the midfielder flocked with the number 18 (assigned by her team), accumulates more than 2800 followers. 

    Playing in the first division with the team Inter d'Abidjan, this Ivorian hopeful is hungry for national title and wants to tread the great international lawns, as reported by the Ivorian daily "Kpakapto Sportif". 

Ambitions of Yasmine Timité

    Her active presence on the networks aims to "create excitement around the game and especially on the Ivorian women's soccer. Excerpts from an interview with A question is at the end of the lips: will she manage to achieve her professional and personal goals? One thing is certain, the rising star of Ivorian soccer remains focused on the current championship (League 1 women's soccer). The second place obtained last season has a taste of unfinished business. Will she succeed, with her team, to win the title of champion of the women's league 1 of Côte d'Ivoire this season? 
    A fact is notable, aware of its future in this discipline, it does not neglect the educational component. The teenager in class 1 wishes to finish her secondary studies by obtaining the Ivorian Baccalaureate, or even to carry out higher studies. 
    FootInter will follow the news of this athlete with great interest during this season.  

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